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The Founder – Jason, his father was running a jewellery shop in Singapore when Jason was still a boy.  His mother was a very pretty woman who was charming and kind-hearted. At the time when she helped managing in the shop, she demonstrated that she was born to be having the ability to gain every heart of their customers. Their shops therefore built up a good reputation and were well-known to the community.

Jason was raised up under his family edification, started loving in jewellery design.  He also started learning and making different jewellery designs in the hope of making something more perfectly.  With Jason's passionate in jewellery making and the insight of traditional fine work of craftsmanship that well-known in Thailand; he left the family when he was 30 years old and went to Thailand alone setting up his own jewellery factory in order to pursuit his dream.  Within a few years, he tapped into the European market and his products were very much welcomed.  Orders were sent in regularly from both America and Europe.

Jason only believes in quality.  He believes that jewellery can show the characters of a modern and charming lady, and it is also an indivisible part in today's fashion world.

In order to broaden the choices for ladies, sticking to his colours in making high quality jewellery accessories, Jason keeps his sophisticated work but has extended to use 925 sterling silver with 18K gold plating on top, set with strictly selected cubic zirconia and top quality of fancy color semi-precious stone in his products.  As a result, the price of his silver collection, to some extent, only costs one-tenth to the diamond and gold jewellery.


He therefore launched the brand of SilverMaster in 2009 in his own country, Singapore, to cope with the need of the ladies in the workforce.  SilverMaster was then brought into Hong Kong in 2013.: In the early 2015, SilverMaster further developed its market in Japan.


At present, SilverMaster becomes a successful brand of affordable luxury silver jewellery. To those who pay attention to details and quality in fashion, she can enjoy a wonderful experience in wearing different elegant pieces every day within their budget.

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